Inspiring Home Office interior design Ideas 2020

Inspiring Home Office interior design Paint Color Ideas

If you’ve similar taste as mine, your home office is the neglected space of your home interior contractor. I used to keep my home office relatively bare since I focused my swag efforts on the living, master bedroom and alike – since these where they rooms I entertain guest and hang out in the most. Once I put some time and money into making my home office more inviting and comfortable, I started spending more time in there. And, guess what? I started getting more work done.
One of the simplest and most affordable methods to upgrade your office space is painting. With so many home office wall color ideas out there, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites and elaborate on how they can physiologically and stylistically improve your home office interior designing experience.

Gorgeous Dark Gray

This deep gray color is a mind changer. I’m sure you have noticed over the past few years how popular grey has become for home decor and paint, and for good reason. It’s the trendy modern natural and pairs well with nearly any color and most wood grains.

Gray colours  are known for their ability to evoke emotions of security, reliability, intelligence, and organization – all very good feelings for a home office.

Another aspect of this paint job, is that they also painted the baseboard which adds to the modern an clean feel.

Lovely Light Green

The soft and clean is the lovely light green wall. This soft seafoam green color makes a minimalist feel while providing some color but not overwhelming the room. This colour suits to get inspired and feel renewed, which is what greens are known to do.

By only painting the wall and leaving the other areas and the adjacent cabinet’s white, they have opened up the prospects of styling the certain area with a sophisticated neutral palette.

Chic Blush Pink

This work area has me tickled pink. wouldn’t you want to use this space for writing, studying, or just being effortlessly fabulous? What keeps it from looking like it belongs in a little girl’s bedroom is its dusty undertones – I feel like I am looking at sunset on this wall.

When decorating using this color it is ideal to stick to a neutral pallet – white, light wood, black.

Two Tone Sea Blue

This minimalist color and dichotomy of the two tone wall creates much visual interested without being busy. Two tone walls have the ability to make height in the room and lineal lines can make the area look wider as well. The styling of this office concentrate heavily on natural wood and industrial elements, but would also look good with metals if the rest of the palette is kept natural.

Sophisticated Greyge

Greyge is a relatively new term to elaborate the lovely color fashionable of grey and beige. It has an elegant warmth but is more modern that tradition beige. Another thing is I am loving about this color is the ease of it. It literally goes with everything. It’s the awesome neutral I have ever seen.

If you wanted to completely renovate your office in a year, you could do so without changing the paint – it’s that versatile.

Funky Yellow Accent

I just had to feature this peppy pop of color office that I find so fun and youthful. Using this stunning banana yellow to highlight the work area is genius. It innovates visual interest to an area that is otherwise ignored in the room. It looks amazing with neutrals but can also handle a few other peppy colours like teal and bright red.

The color yellow is known for being empowering, joyful and creative. I recommend you get a good primer built in if you choose to go with yellow so you get the pop you are looking for.

Using this color sparingly is the secret to keeping it refined yet youthful.

Dark Teal Dream

This cosy, glossy, deep teal is the stuff dreams are made of. This home office interior design screams luxury to me. The rich color paired with the black whites and peppy of orange keep is very current but somehow timeless. If you are going for modern elegance, this look can’t be beat.

Cream & White Stripe

If you are looking for traditional, understated elegance, this palette might be just the thing for you. Anyone would be lucky to call this their home office.

The ruled wall is pretty darn simple to do, but does it make a big impact in a small room.

This simple yet impactful swag and color pair well with almost anything, but I think they look best with farmhouse trend and contemporary décor.

Mid Century Modern Bright Blue

If you have an compliment of the timeless beauty of the midcentury, you will admire this updated bright blue on your office walls. Bright blue is known for its electric, vibrant, and positive vibes.

This home office paint color looks beautiful with teak and walnut woods. It can be used with mild or other bright colors.

Light Subtle Grey

You know I had to throw one more grey paint color idea into the mix. This time, it’s much softer grey. I think of clouds during a fall thunderstorm.

This pallet is best with a neutral and monochromatic tones. White, lighter and darker grey, and black all lend to the simply beauty of this grey.

Light & Airy Farmhouse

This beautiful use of horizontal boarders at the top and bottom of this home office wall create a more expensive experience. The contrasting color combination is suits for the home office enthusiast who wants to step out of their comfort zone but not break with their traditional style.

We love the combo of coral and taupe, but could see this working with so many other color pairing – grey and chartreuse, cream and navy, copper and charcoal.

Paint Free Wall Wood Wall

If you’re thinking might be paint isn’t for me but I need visual interest in my office, you might want to consider the look of wood planking, known as shiplap.

It’s easier than ever to reach the rustic aesthetic, credits to Interior contractors like Sri Paamban Interiors – who have created pull and stick planks that look like the real deal but can be implemented in just a few house.

Available in a different of colors and styles with samples that can be shipped right to your door, you’re sure to find one that will take your corporate office to the next level.

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Corporate work culture has developed immensely from the days when corporate offices were a new phenomenon. decades of seeing the output of office life on people’s overall well-being has sparked many new upgrades in office design. Interior designers, as well as designers for infrastructure of office furniture manufacturers, have proven to be truly creative in their design concern. Whether interior designers or contractors are helping a newly started office work station function better, or planning an entire office building for a Fortune 500 company, these office interior design ideas and trends work in a great variety of interior design projects.

 Open Floor Plans

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Less walls is a beautiful view to see in nowadays office design. Creating much views across multiple areas encourages collaboration, allows for more accessible changes in the floor plan when necessary, and is budget friendly to best design because fewer dividing walls need to be constructed. Overall, it is a move to develop the health of employees. An open floor plan also creates it easy to get around, thus encouraging people to move more frequently.

The Psychology of Color

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The importance of psychology and best color design together is a very attractive trend in corporate office design now. Colors have been shown to have particular effects on people, without them even consciously knowing or understanding it.

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Some of the examples are, the colour orange makes people feel more energetic  because it is reminiscent of things like the summer sun and fresh, ripe oranges. Greens, yellows, and blues are also mainly seen in corporate office design, too!

 Touches of Home

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Corporate office working environments are no longer sterile and uninviting if they target to keep employees fully engaged. Best touches of home help everyone to relax and work in a peace manner with a feeling of pressure free. Cushy seats gathered around a table make brainstorming new ideas with coworkers more fun and inviting.

 Multipurpose Spaces

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Collaboration and versatility help the corporate modern office function well. Office interior design that serves multiple purposes assists in getting the job done well. It can efficiently keep up with the fast paced environment and demands of today.

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One area can serve as a space for couple of co-workers to comfortably work together, as a place to take a mental break, and as a place to hold a small and casual department meet up spot just by placing average seats or couches around a table, with some sense of privacy such as a rug to define the area, or a divider like a green wall between it and the next space.

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Also, in small office interior design, each and every square inch counts. Areas that can be serve as both a meeting area, a kickback area, and even a place to relax during lunch allow smaller office interiors the luxury feel of having more room.


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