Top 10 Vastu Consultant In Chennai For interior designers

Top 10 Vastu Consultant In Chennai For Home Interior

interior designers in chennai

Global Vastu & Feng Shui Planners

We have strong 20 years experience in rectify negative energy in buildings in and around chennai . Our vision has always been timely service, good quality and reasonable cost. Our clients include people from all domains- businessmen, cine actors, politicians, doctors, builders, government officials those who are in chennai. You can get advice on both the vastu of Indian  as well as CHINESE FENG SHUI.. We travel around India for vastu evaluation. You will get obvious, honest advice, best of assessment. we also care as much about our clients. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and provide a exclusive solution with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. Good results can be seen in a very short period. You don’t have to tell us your problems. Negative vibes of vastu will be predicted and solution offered .

Scientific Vastu Centre

We have been in this field for past 25 years, we always gives our best consultation to many top leading interior designers in chennai and also individuals around the country. All of our customers have been benefited from our suggestions of VASTHU namely INDIAN TRADITIONAL VASTHU PYRAMID VASTHU & FENG-SHUI . We provide comprehensive services and recommendations without demolition of your current home or work place. Our fields of expertise include:Traditional Vaasthu , Feng-Shui Vaasthu , Pyra Vaasthu Consultant as per your home or office interior we provide our service all over in chennai.

K.S. Ram

K. S. Ram has exposure to Traditional way of Vastu sashtra for over 10 years and has done a lot of cases to experiments to precisely note any non-compliance with Vastu rules. Our logical and practical approach to such attempt has found many meaningful solutions to numerous households, shops, interior designers in chennai, commercial complexes and even corporate offices; thus forming his clientele base all over in chennai.

Mr. Ram’s acquaintance with Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt, a Leading Bio-Scientist and founder of Pyra Vasthu (new science in the domain of Vastu Sashtra which enables the employment of energy and accurate pyramid yantras), has led to his distinction of getting the prestigious title of Pyra Vasthu expert.

As a result, K.S Ram has now the distinct ability to research and address any Vastu non-compliance both through traditional and Pyra Vasthu techniques without the requirement to resort to the demolition of construction. With his Vast experience and experience and sound knowledge, he can also execute construction plans per Vastu requirements and can correct and certify the plans accordingly.

Vaasthuvam – Divine Home Of Vasthu

VAASTHUVAM is a divine home for vastu shastra. Narayanan, have been there in this domain for more than nineethen years. Vastu is very essential for one’s wellbeing and it has severe impact on us. A perfectly followed vastu can give good weath and healthy life to an individual. He consulted more than 1000 customers throughout Tamil nadu, Andhra and Telungana, and we have a lot of clients in chennai too. I, also suggest names to the newborns according to numerology. Vasthu Shastra is an old Indian system of designing and construction for interior spaces and for a buildings. It aims at establishing a dynamic balance between form and power so that harmonious energies are created. vasthu shastra is not a belief or a superstition. It is the science of the cosmos. Energy principle has a scientific reasons behind it and can be observed regardless of religion or beliefs. A house built according to vasthu promotes happiness, prosperity, stability, and mental peace for the residents. Each direction has its own characteristics that get imparted to different rooms of the house in those directions. vasthu is the perfect when implemented in the initial stage but can also be applied to an existing property.

Vaasthu Science World Research Centre

They providing service and suggestions without demolishing your house, office premises, factory even with out making a small crack or spoil your interior work, we technically correct the Vaasthu Sastra. After deeply studying your house, office premises, factory’s internal Energy, Environmental Energy and cosmic Ray Vibrations we arrange your house 100% perfect / correctly as per Vaasthu sastra, we offer our service in chennai.

Kashmira – Feng Shui

Mrs. Kashmira who is based in Chennai (India) is a Science Graduate and she trained under the world renowned Fengshui Consultant and Author Ms. Lillian Too of Malaysia. Kashmira has been a Feng Shui practitioner for fifteen years. She is also a Vaastu Consultant for interior designers in chennai and buildings. In 1997 she promoted “Feng shui Chennai Shop” which is India’s first exclusive Feng shui Boutique store. Her Corporate clients include Factories, BPO’s, Offices, Commercial complexes and Shops. Her individual customers comprises of Businessmen, Executives, Government officials and other Professionals. Being a leading professional in this domain. A notable part of her time is devoted in giving free services to the needy and under privileged sections of the society. She is also a leading member of various Social and Women organizations in Chennai.

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